Welcoming Nathanael {A Birth Story} / Fort Wayne Birth Photographer

Few things in life compare to witnessing a child being born. If I could photograph only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be births. I wish birth photography was a ‘thing’ when my son was born and wish so much we would have had his entrance to the world documented. Instead, I get to see lots of other tiny humans make their entrance to this world.

If you’ve been considering having the birth of your child photographed, do it! There are so many little moments throughout the delivery of your baby that I make sure to capture: the moment you hold your son or daughter the first time, the up close photos of tiny little fingers and toes…all those moments that you want to remember forever.

This sweet little nugget of goodness was born last year and I’ve known his mamma since first grade. By the way, how cool is it that I get to be in the delivery room with one of my oldest friends while her son is being born? Answer: pretty darn cool! We arrived at The Birthplace at Dupont Hospital bright and early. Allison knew ahead of time she would be having a C-Section. For those of you wondering, yes, I can be in the operating room during the delivery with the permission of the doctor and each one has their preference. If you know for sure you’ll be having a C-section and it’s important for you to have the birth photographed, I encourage you to talk with you doctor as soon as possible. Most often during the delivery, the main restriction in photographing is we can’t take pictures of the physical cutting of the skin, once the cutting is done, and the baby is being brought out of the uterus, I can click away!

Can you tell they love each other?
Fort Wayne Birth Photographer, Dupont Hospital, J3Designs Photography

Dr. Rumsey was wonderful to work with. He was great about making sure I was able to get the photos while still maintaining the safety of Allison.
Fort Wayne Birth Photographer, Dupont Birthplace, J3Designs Photography, expectant mother meets with doctor


The moment right before a son is born
Black and white birth photo, Fort Wayne Birth Photographer, J3Designs Photography

3 seconds old 🙂
black and white photo of baby boy just born, J3Designs Photography, Fort Wayne birth photography

Ten fingers, ten toes
upclose photo of baby fingers and toes, fort wayne birth photography, j3designs photography

Look at that sweet face!
newborn baby boy, dupont hospital, j3designs photography, fort wayne birth photographer

Mom and dad hold hands after son is born, Fort Wayne birth photographer, j3designs photography

Father holds son after birth, Fort Wayne Birth Photography, J3Designs Photography

Finally mamma gets to hold her baby boy!
mother holds son after birth, j3designs photography

First Facebook selfie 😉

It’s amazing that only a few minutes old this little guy has preferences already…specifically with his fingers
newborn boy sucking finger, j3designs photography, fort wayne birth photographer

Nathanael is a pretty lucky dude because he has two of the best big sisters ever! They were so excited to meet him for the first time.
sisters meeting newborn borther for the first time, j3designs photography

big sisters meeting brother for the first time, j3designs photography, dupont hospital

The most perfect little family of five I’ve ever seen

Visit J3Designs Photography if you are interested in having the birth of your son or daughter photographed.

To the Yankey family: I have so loved watching your family grow and being there for the most precious moments in your life!
Much love to you all!

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