The Waikel Family {Family love} / Fort Wayne Family Photography

I count it as one of my life’s greatest blessings when I form relationships with people that are truly genuine and wonderful.  I value each of my clients and the trust they put in me to document their life.  The Waikel family has been one of those families who are just down right amazing, I’ve been able to see their family grow since they were expecting their first baby.  I L-O-V-E these kids!

Family hugging in Metea Park, Fort Wayne Indiana, J3Designs Photography

This cute little nugget of smiles turned one in the fall!
Baby boy turns 1, documented by J3Designs Photography

Big sis Mikayla takes her job very seriously <3 Black and white photo of brother and sister in the park, J3Designs Photography

I hope she never stops finding the freedom to be spectacular.
Little girl twirling in the park, J3Designs Photography

I tried to find the author of this quote as it’s one of my favoties, but I can’t, whomever came up with it gets high fives:
“Don’t ask them to live in your world, visit theirs instead”
Family sitting on quilt in the park, J3Designs Photography

Young girl standing in wild flower field with parasole

That bow tie though 🙂
Toddler standing against vintage washbin in the park, J3Designs Photography

This picture right here is why having family pictures taken are so important. Someday these precious babies are going to be grown up, someday they might not want to play with each other and will sit on opposite sides of the house. But today, this moment, their love for one another was captured, frozen in time to remind them later that God chose them to be brother and sister.
Black and white of brother and sister hugging in the park

Each family session Mikayla gets a surprise. Sometimes it’s a sucker or a barbie doll but THIS time….it was a beautiful yellow parasol. She wanted so badly to be Mary Poppins so her mamma and daddy got her an umbrella to twirl and sing “Spoonful of Sugar”. Love this parasol and want one for yourself? You can find it here



One thing I always try to do during a family session is get at least a few pictures of mom and dad together. Years from now, the kids will treasure those photos as they remember the laughter that was within their parents’ marriage. Don’t wait for ‘someday’ to have your pictures done, this time in your life is just as beautiful! Email me if you’d like to reserve a family session!
Husband and wife laughing in the park, J3Designs Photography

My favorite from our fall session at Metea Park
Family sitting together on old quilt in Metea Park in Fort Wayne Indiana, J3Designs Photography

Waikel Family, thanks so much for continuing to come back to me for your family pictures, it’s the greatest compliment ever! I treasure you and your kids and love watching them grow up to be amazing little humans.

Lots of love!

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